Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is Your Manuscript Really Ready?

Lots of the work we do at Wizards in Publishing doesn't just involve helping indie authors get their manuscripts ready to self-publish. 

Quite often, we also help authors prepare their manuscripts to submit to a publisher, agent, or other literary professional. These authors know a few things:

    1. What their personal limitations are - they may be fantastic storytellers, but understand a second set of eyes and hands may be necessary to polish the manuscript as it should be.

    2. Publishing, whether electronic or traditional print, is competitive. Having a solid, well-written, well-edited manuscript is crucial to getting a contract with a quality publisher. Publishing houses receive thousands of manuscripts a year. These authors want theirs seriously considered, rather than ending up in a slush pile due to avoidable problems.

    3. A professionally edited manuscript is the sign of an author who wants to be taken seriously in the competitive market. See #2.

As editors who have worked for many publishers, we have seen and continue to see manuscripts that are not ready for submission. Whether that's due to a poorly-written story, or wonderful story that simply needed fine tuning, we have to reject them. In either case, that rejection may have been avoided.

Wizards in Publishing would love to help you prepare your manuscript for publishing, whether you're getting it ready to send out for consideration by publishers and agents, or if you're taking the leap into the popular world of self-publishing. Email us for a quote for any service we provide and let us help you polish your manuscript!

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